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Why is a raven like a writing desk?

And she only reveals what she wants you to see

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This is...

Every age from 4 to 84. Legally 20.
© 3/8/1989
Side a.
Friendly. Even tempered. Easily amused. Easily distracted. Silly. Visually challenged. Makes very little sense. Somewhat creative. Writer. Reader. Artist. Dancer. Spaz.
Side b.
Sarcastic. Devious. Opinionated. A bit cynical. Snarky. Twisted sense of humor. Limited bullshit tolerance. Lazy. Anxious. Sadistic. Perverted. Horrible speller. Plays well with some.


Music. Video games. Food. Books. Writing. Dancing. Shoes. Electronic junk. Tea. Art. Cold weather. Warm clothes. Rain. Languages. History. Psychology. Jrock. Gazette. Plastic Tree. Nightmare. Dir en Grey. Tokyo Jihen. Janne da Arc. Stand up comedy. Resident Evil 4. WoW. Mel Brooks. RSC. Monty Python. Classic movies. MXC. Sleeping. Final Fantasy. And much more.


Hot weather. Coffee. Assholes of all kinds. Window shopping. Typing these things. Getting up early. Most foods that just happen to be good for you. Bland food as well. Coming up with more things to put in my info.


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